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About the Project

This project was originally created just to muck around with QT3 and KDE3. Actually I was looking at rewriting the bwmonitor project to integrate it into one big QT3 project. But I do enjoy listening to the radio whle I work. So installed kradio so I could control/listen to the FM turner card. But the stable version that was release was for KDE2/QT2 and looked kinda cheesy in comparison to other KDE3/QT3 apps (no offense kradio guys! Can't wait till u release the next version!) So I thought I would just take their existing kradio project and port it over to kde3/QT3. But i ran into a couple of obsticles and had to work around some things. As a result over the past week or so I ended up with ?DahuntRadio? I will admit my code isnt' as clean as i wanted it... but then again it was something to just wanted to fool around with at the time. When I get the chance over the next month or so I will rectify that situation. :)


Sat Sep 21 00:51:37 EDT 2002

This is the first release of DaHuNtradio. You will find it has all the same features as kradio and a bit more... Email me with all your questions comments and critisims! Thanks!

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To date there are no rpms available for this package so the following is the instructions for installing the source code version of the application;

Then to run the application, either restart kde3 and choose K->Applications->Dahuntradio or just go K->Run Command and put in ?dahuntradio?


screen shot of dahuntradio application
The DaHuNtRadio Application

The About Dialog (showing all references to the kradio guys)

Showing frequency in use while mouse pointer is hovering over system tray icon

Right click on system tray to jump to preset frequency

Full kde integration upon install

My Contact Information

Name: Peter F. Addison
Alias: Dahunt
ICQ #: 6917936
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